QGIS TimeManager part 1

I found an open source project I would like to contribute. It is called Time Manager and it enables the QGIS software to show an animation of the progression of geospatial data in time. It is tremendously useful to provide insights on the sort of data we use at work. Before I knew about this I would just create a layer for each timestamp, hide all the others, screen capture my screen, do this all for all timestamps and use imagemagick to create an animation for this. (This was back in September off course). With Timemanager, you just need to load a layer that has a time field, and the plugin takes care of the rest for you. I generated a tiny set of data to test it with:


1.00000, 5.00000001,2014-01-01
1.00000, 5.00000021,2014-01-02
1.00000, 5.00000031,2014-01-03
1.00000, 5.00000020,2014-01-04
1.00001, 5.00000015,2014-01-05

And this is how it works:


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